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    This song above all is amazing.

    "and everyday 

    i am learning about you 

    the things that no one else sees

    and the end comes too soon 

    like dreaming of angels

    and leaving with out them

    and leaving with out them 


    being as in love with you as I am (repeat”

    the lyrics goes deep and so does this song 

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    I miss my SIA very much.  Everytime i see pictures of her and I it hurts a little because I wonder how different it would be if I never had to leave her side how close we could have been and if she would of loved me like a big brother.  I see pictures and I play the scene out in my head.  Lord knows I’ll always love my SIA and she’ll always be the little sister I never had.   She is my reason to smile on a dark day and my motivation to move back to San Diego.  

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         I go through phases of forgiving and forgetting, then I go through phases of regret and wondering, I go through phases of acceptance and letting go, and finally I go through phases of wishing and waiting.  When the hell will this ever stop tumblr huh? When will it?  Hopefully sometime soon……hopefully….

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    Breakdown: Awake my soul

    Awake My Soul- Mumford & Sons

    Mainly lyrics: “In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die
    where you invest your love, you invest your life” 

    To me those lyrics are more significant and hit a deep place that I can spend a life time describing.  Most people don’t believe in love but this to me does not just limit love to a significant other.  This love to me can mean love for family, hobby, and yes the cliche lover.  Break it down further “in these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die” whether we like it or not we are all going to die someday and whether its days from now or years from now it’s going to happen but take the second part into consideration have you invested your love in something worth living for?

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    Currently on a Revonettes high

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    Regret.  I love that tumblr is my outlet for my thoughts and I have the comfort  of knowing not many people can read my thoughts and judge.  So this regret it’s a heavy load to carry, it weighs me down, brings me back down when i feel up, and eats away at me like a virus would to its host.  I try to live my life without regret and I usually take the opportunity that I feel is right that way i can never look back and say I should have done this or I should have done that.  There is however one big thing that I carry with me and that I will probably have to carry with me for the rest of my life and that’s never telling my grandma while she was on her death bed how much I appreciated everything that she did for me.  How I can never repay her for the love she bestowed onto me as I grew with her always at my side.  Thank her for teaching me how to treat woman I ever felt something for.  My grandma was dying and she knew it this is the reason I did not say anything to her I didn’t want to make her feel as if she already was gone I wanted to enjoy my last hours with her talking about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s big fight lol.  The regret is heavy and weighs me down it’s a burden that I will probably have to live with for the rest of my life I just wish there was someway she could have know how much of a great woman she was and that I will never find anyone that compares to how amazing she was.  I love you grandma more than you’ll ever know and more than I could ever explain I keep you with me in my heart, my memories, and soon on my left arm you’d probably beat my ass and tell me that only thugs get tattoos but this is something different, something meaningful.  

    RIP Grandma hopefully one day I will see you again.  Love you

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       Two years….two years ago today and it still feels fresh to me.  Two years ago today my Grandma Grace lost her battle with pancreatic cancer and I’ve missed her ever since.  I’ll always love and remember her for the kind, gentle, and loving woman she was.  I’ll never forget that I was the last one to see my grandma in a “normal” functioning state and its soothing in a way to know that I gave her her last meal: carrot cake and a glass of milk.  I’ll never forget how we talked about Rhianna and Chris Brown and even though she faded in and out between the convo I still looked at her and couldn’t help but smile.  She was my world, I owe a large part of who I am and what I represent because of her.  I think the only regret I ever had in my life was not telling her how much I loved her and how greatful i was to even know her and how privileged I was to have her as a grandmother. even though you might not be able to read this and maybe just maybe you always knew this but Grandma I thank you, I thank you for showing me at a young age what hard work and dedication can change your life, I thank you for saying that if I ever disrespected a woman you’d beat my ass haha cuz I will never, I thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me even though I know I was a little shit at times, and I thank you for showing and sharing a love with and for me that could never ever be replaced.  You were too beautiful for this earth and I hope you continue to watch over me in heaven i love and miss you grandma.

    Graciela Mendoza Gonzalez
    March 10, 1948-March 13 2009.

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